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What We Do:

We are direct importers of Halloween and Christmas decorations and strive to get the best possible prices for our customers. We work in the interest of our customers and sculpt our product designs for thier needs, and consumer taste. We always listen to our customers suggestions, and together we developed a great seasonal line of outdoor decorations.

The Begining:

In 1994 Mike Frisher started BPI working out of his basement and garage. He delivered to his customers in his personal car, a true home business. He did this for a few years until he could not handle the growth by himself and he then brought on Michael Carapellucci as a partner. At that time the business doubled in size.  Michael built a greenhouse in his backyard to store products. They did that for a few more years until they just could not serve their customers they way they wanted to. At that time Rob from White Post Farms was nice enough to let them use four of his greenhouses that he wasnt using at the time. Business continued to grow and BPI moved to its first building. In 1999 BPI moved to a 10,000 square foot facility in Farmingdale, still keeping customer service as top of their priority list. BPI continued to grow over the years and their customer service remianed top notch. In 2012 Mike Frisher retired and Michael Carapellucci has been running the company with the same moto that got them to where they are CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Today BPI is in a 56,000 square foot facility in Maspeth, selling ever changing merchandise to decorate homes and gardens Shipping throughout North America.


We are a direct Importer and wholesale to the trade, no middle man involved. To keep our prices at the lowest possible level all items are sold in full case lots and we have a $500.00 minimum order.

If for some reason you can not meet the above requirements we would be happy to put you in touch with one of our dealers who can accomodate you just give us a call, or use our dealer locator tool located at the bottom of this page to find a dealer near you.